Humans of New York: blogul cu fotografii stradale şi citate de viaţă (Foto)

Fotograful Brandon Stanton a dorit să realizeze altceva decît reprezentarea în niște imagini a unor chipuri de oameni. Astfel în 2010 a fost lansat unul dintre cele mai impresionante bloguri de fotografii stradale din lume, Humans of New York.

Atitudinea și zîmbetul sunt cuvintele-cheie pe care se bazează proiectul. Oameni de diferite feluri sunt fotografiați, iar fiecare își are citatul său special. Pagina de facebook numără deja peste 1,4 milioane de fani și cîteva mii de portrete ale oamenilor.

Fotografiile cît și citatele inspiră și transmit un mesaj special.

1.    „My philosophy is: ‘If you like yourself, everything around you will fall into place.'”


2.    „Do what the fuck you want.”


3.    „When I’m doing good, everyone wants to be around me. When I’m doing bad, I’m by myself.”


4.    „He’s all the man a girl could ever want. If I want to see a movie, and he doesn’t want to see it, we go and see it.”


5.    „I haven’t slept in a very long time. „Why’s that?”

 „I work two jobs at two different hotels. I just finished three shifts in a row. Last night I went to my room service job at 11 PM, and worked through the night until 6 AM. I went home to take a shower, then had to be at the other hotel for my front desk job at 8 AM. I worked there until 3:30 PM, then ran back to the first hotel for another shift that started at 4 PM. I just got off a few minutes ago, and I’m sitting here to rest for a moment before getting on the train home.”

 „Oh, wow.”


6.    „We met 55 years ago on a teen tour, and have been best friends ever since.”

„What’s her best quality?” „She’s loyal.”


7.    “We met on the school bus when we were ten years old.”

“Who approached who?” 

“I approached him.”

“What did you say?”


“And what did he say?”

“Go away.”


 8. „Are you friends? Brothers? Lovers? Enemies?”

          „Well, we’ve been all of the above.”


9. „People need to take responsibility for the energy they are bringing into the world.”
„Could you give me an example?”

„Sure. Today we were celebrating my cousin’s wedding. It was a very joyous day, but there was one person there who was not happy for her. Or maybe they were just dealing with some things in their life, because they were giving off bad energy the entire time. If you are going to bring bad energy to a joyous occasion, you may as well stay home.”


10. „I’m going home to see my mother.”

„Oh, is it her birthday?” „Nope. I just love my mother, and she loves flowers.”


Vitali Cipileaga

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