Humans of New York: noi istorii de viață de pe blogul cu fotografii stradale şi citate frumoase (Foto)


Humans of New York a devenit blogul cunoscut în toată lumea. Din 2010 până în prezent, acesta a adunat sute și mii de istorii ale oamenilor, care își împărtășesc din istoriile lor de viață printr-o imagine și un citat special.

Brandon Stanton, autorul blogului, a dorit întotdeauna să realizeze altceva decît reprezentarea în niște imagini a unor chipuri de oameni.

Atitudinea și zîmbetul sunt cuvintele-cheie pe care se bazează proiectul. Pagina de facebook are aproape 2 milioane de aprecieri, iar numărul celor care își exprimă anumite păreri prin citate crește și el.

Fotografiile cît și citatele inspiră și transmit un mesaj special. Mai jos vezi o nouă serie de fotografii și citate ale celor care au dorit să transmită un mesaj.

1. „How long have you known each other?” „Carter Administration. You do the math.”


2. ”I asked her for a piece of advice, and she reached into her mom’s purse and pulled out a whiteboard. „She has laryngitis,” her mom explained. „No talking for a week.”


3. ”Check out this little goober.”


4. „I could look poised in a paper bag. These are ladies’ pants, I don’t even care.”


5. „At this time in my life, there’s nothing I really value more than interaction with my children, and they’ve just grown so busy that there’s not much of it. All I can really do is trust that they care, even if they don’t communicate it, and reflect on all the times that I didn’t reply to my mother when she sent me things.”


6. „My dad is being a huge asshole right now.”
„How so?”
„He told me all I do is cost him money.”
„Do you mind if I share that?”
„I don’t care. I already did an art piece about it.”


7.„This is her first snow. Up until two months ago, we were living on a beach in Thailand.”


8. Look at this two-headed mutant I found on Park Avenue.


9. „What was the greatest day you ever spent together?”
„Had to be when there was a full lunar eclipse while we were floating on a houseboat in a swamp in Botswana. Not even the guide knew it was coming. It was a full moon that night, and suddenly I noticed a corner of it starting to disappear. Then a quarter. Then a half. Then it went completely dark, and the Milky Way just filled up the sky.”


10. „She’s a mother in name only. We get in fights, but she’s always so drunk that she never remembers them. We live in the same house, but haven’t had a real conversation in over a year.”


Vitali Cipileaga 

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